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Re: How Big Was Your High School Class?

Interesting topic! I graduated in 1976 in a class of 18. Entire k-12 school was about 150 or so students, the school is a 'country' school, being out in a rural area all by itself in eastern OK. However, my youngest graduated from the same school in 2009 - not sure of number of seniors but entire school, K-12, numbered around 650! It has grown so much since the 70s compared to so many smaller schools that have closed or consolidated. My oldest graduated in a class of 18, also, but she attended K-12 in a tiny town school in SD, where numbers of entire school are about the same still as mine when I graduated. In fact, when she was in 8th grade, her class was the largest in the school while the graduating class was TWO! Those 2 seniors appeared on Jay Leno that year and they had been together in school since kindergarten. I remember them telling Jay one year one would be president and the next the other would be. 🙂

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