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Re: I love hollyhocks! There were some that just came up out...

Hollyhocks give a garden an old English cottage feel, I think, Lisa.  They were one of the few thigns that liked ther land in NC at first, then they gave up, drowned, I guess.  That won't be a problem here at Jenna's.


I have about decided to make the yard in NC as utilitarian as possible. I haev fought with the lack of drainage there for almost 20 years now, and there isn't much you can do about that.  The hardy plantings that have tolerated wet feet will be left, of course, and the bulbs that somehow survive it are there for the duration.  Most everything else damps off, rots is just a hostile environment for too many things...except the snakes, of course!


Don't know if you read my post about the birdhouse with the spycam inside.  Mike even liked that idea.  We just downloaded the game camera images that had been taken since Sunday.  We have gotten kind of intrigued with what goes on when we are gone from a place. 


There is a phantom gray tabby cat, which Mike had seen at a distance some weeks ago...with no ears now that we see him up close, poor thing.    Besides his raids, which are mostly at night, we are feeding a host of bluejays, cardinals, and a reheaded woodpecker, among others.