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I guess I'll have to go shoe shopping

I find my kids are much more "socially conscious" than I am.  I don't know if that means we did a good job raising them or if it is just the influence of our modern culture.  Anyway, Number 1 mentioned this in her blog today ( so I of course had to mention it someplace.


I thought about ordering a t-shirt, but a) I would be constantly explaining it and b) I wouldn't look nearly as cute as the model showing it off

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Re: I guess I'll have to go shoe shopping

Mike, I picked up a cool book in the bookstore last week, This Will Kill You.  In it, a physician explains hwo things actually remove us from the realm of the living.  I found the explanation of AIDS very enlightneing, and also disturbing. 

We also just finished studying the immune system in A&P.  AIDS is only one of many autoimmume disorders, but it is the mac-daddy of them all. 

We tend to think of people "living with AIDS" in the developed world, but millions of infected people worldwide do not get the treatments that we have available here.  A large portion of those who die are innocent children. 

Anything that anyone can do to promote AIDS awareness is well-directed energy.  Be careful how you walk in those pumps!

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