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I must just SOUND dumb....

,,,on the telephone.  Hughesnet upgrade install was set last week for this morning, then changed to afternoon late yesterday around noon.  The contractor called otday to say he was on his way, but he needed to know "in advance if I was prepared to pay the extra installation fee for moving my coudl be $50 to $150." 


Now, you KLNOW if I had said "yes", it was going to cost $150 to move a dish that didn't need to be moved.  I balked and told him he would have to take his chances that he wasnt'tgoing to need to move it,  I basically told him I coudl tkae or leave the service, that Hughes had waived all of its opgrade fees to keep my business, and i had no intention of writign anyone else a blank check, before he'd even seen my site. 


I am just tired of being jacked up everywhere I turn.  Yesterday, it was a doctor's bill in the mail, for a date of service in March.  They had never billed me, and failed to file with my insurance in time, which meant that Blue Cross refused to pay anything at all of a $139 bill. 


Fortunately for me, the EOB in the same mail delivery said the doctor wasn't allowed to bill me at all.  Of course, I guess they knew that, and decided to try to get paid anyway, by sending a bill showing "past due" for ninety days.  I called the billign department this mornign, adn they admitted that there was no bill fo rme to pay...their fault, their loss. 


On top of that, our county in VA billed Jenna, who passed away in May, for taxes on ehr car, which we have transferred to us in NC a week later.  No taxes due there, either, but the county still billed us.  That was $130.  Called and got that straight, but have to get DMV up there to cancel the title...which I thought was done when NC issued the new one.  But, NO, that would make sense.  More faxes to write and send tomorrow, just one more upsetting detail. 


In about 18 hours, I had to  fend off three attempts to gouge us, the sum of which was well over $400.   If I had been as gullible as I guess I was supposed to be, I'd have paid all of them. This doesn't even begin to count the tax values I challenged on my land in Va yesterday...that ought to save us $800 a year for the next four years.  Everyone is on the make these days.  I am fed up with it, and I am fighting back. 


Is this happening to any of you, too?  Or am I just the lucky one this week?