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In 24 hours...

...if you haven't heard from me, please send out a search party. With taxes safely entrusted to the CPA, I am confronting other demons.

This declutter challenge has got me started reorganizing our clothing storage a bit last night, still carrying over into a freshening-up laundry for some of it this morning. Waiting for the machines to finish a cycle, so I can flip those loads and start another. That will address our " intimates"....

Have found and cast out the sweats with dead elastic, and tees that were more hole that shirt anymore. Mike was actually telling me I was throwing away his " best stuff" last night.

The tuth is, he weqrs the top ten in his storage baskets, and the rest are lost in the bottom. Have learned a new way to fold and place them, so all are visible and available now. This tactic will be deployed in my storage, too. Hopefully, it will spread out the wear and let people know we own more than two sets of clothes.

I figure it will take most of this week on the days we are here, to wash/ dry/ food and replace everything we wear. Hasn't been gone through in at least five or six years. Rome wasn't built in a day...and those machines only work so fast.

In about thirty minutes, then, I head out to my office. I have packed a bucket of cleaning supplies, rags, paper towels and garbage bags. Too cold and windy to keep trekking back and forth.

Mike says he is coming out in a while, to police his alcohol manufacturing area in the kitchen, and bottle a carboy of wine. I have a feeling it will take some of that to get us through. Maybe more than some.

Trusting in you to see me safely back to civilization. Stay warm, all!

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Re: In 24 hours...

Maybe you should carry a flare with you!   At least that's the way I feel when I venture into the unknown territory of my kid's rooms.   

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