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Honored Advisor

In the pink... in Jenna's pale pink kitchen this afternoon.  Has replaced my vintage pantry cabinet between the stove and refrigerator last weekend.  Love it, but it had red knobs and a little red top molding strip.  


Found three pink glass knobs at Lowe's the other day, and replaced the faded red ones.  Had some of that cherry pink paint left from the last little porch rocker.  Just taped it off and got rid of the looks like it was made for this place now. 


This was after helping Mike set up to stack and cover the last really good hay bales, since we do expect some rains out of Erika by middle of next week.  Like everything here, it takes twice the effort, because we are still cleaning up and setting systems up.  He figured out srtting the stack by the paved gravel path into our old barnyard means no mucking in snow and ice.  I agree.  


While he got busy with the tractor and hay spike, I came up to the greenhouse and helped my helper get the last ten tubs of potting mix done, and the leftover soil amendments put away, Empty bags from the peat moss and sterilized compost sacked for the trash.  


Gave him a small dish of mustard greens, so we are officially harvesting in under four weeks from first planting.  Planning it for supper here tomorrow, too. 


After he left, I cut in the tee for the waterers to this line of pots. Planted lettuces in a couple, some microgreens in another.  Want to get carrots, daikon, radishes, and beets started tomorrow.  More onions, too.  Maybe some baby bok choy...gotta see which seed I carried over from spring planting.


It feels like way over into September here.  Cool breezes blowing, even on a warm afternoon.   Thinking tomorrow will be a good day to set out my pansies and violas.  I think Erika will water them for me this coming week....

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