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dairy mom
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Re: Including spouses in farm planning

I think maybe farming gets looked at a little differently because kind of traditionally it is considered a "way of life" not just a job or a business.  But really if your spouse had a "traditional" job would you expect to be included in any and all "meetings", BOD or not of that job.

I do think this guy deserves to have his questions answered.  Perhaps he feels his "job" might be in jeopardy in the future.

Clearly the farm in question isn't clear on ownership and possibly future ownership, the guy managing it obviously feels something is in the air and is definitly questioning his position.

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Re: Including spouses in farm planning

Precisely my point. I don't think this is " excluding" is " including" the two siblings born into the family. If CV worked for a big company, he would not even think of being brought into a directors' meeting. This is really no different to me.
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