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Insects and IDOL?

It is a noisy spring here in NC. 


Everytime we step outside, the sound of the cicadas from the tall trees is deafening...sort of an other-worldly strumming sound. 


Do any of you have this phenomenon at work around you? 


Turned on the TV to check the weather when I got home, only to find myself in the middle of the IDOL homecoming special for Scotty McCreery.  He seems to be a really genuine person, and the town turned out in style for his appearance. 


Cannot imagine what it is like for a kid to have the experiences he's having right now...going from being a grocery store clerk and high school baseball player to having tens of millions of votes cast for him every week.  He appeared to be totally overcome by his hometown's response to his concert this afternoon. 


Two more weeks, and we'll see if he's the winner of not.  No one ever discusses the show on this board, but I wondered if any of you have been following it, and who you are rooting for this season. 


At our house, it HAS to be Scotty!



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Re: Insects and IDOL?

Insects and frogs yes...IDOL no...we are DWTS's fans ourselves and it must be Hines Ward who wins since hubby is a DIE HARD Steelers fan.  LOL

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