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It almost turned ugly!

After months of non stop work and a cancelled shut-down week that I look forward to every Fourth of July, I finally had things caught up enough at work and here at home to have five glorious days off beginning yesterday. 


Even though I am off I had a list of things to do but the weather has just been gorgeous so in between the items on my to-do list I took time to just enjoy being here at home, pretty much alone.  With Ed away every day, loading out beans or spraying or bush hogging I get the place all to myself something that rarely ever happens. 


So this morning, I kiss Ed goodbye, he is off to the fields, I get laundry started and I plan to get my photos mounted that I am entering in the excited about that....maybe I will eventually "get it" on this fair thing especially if I win a ribbon...anyway, I digress....


S0, I go up to my craft room and it is a mess.  Has not been really cleaned or organized since way, way last I settle in and am having a great time, breeze blowing, I am organizing and cleaning....not the kind you do in the kitchen that you hate to do but the kind where it is your own space and you are just having a great time....


I am thinking that some lovely music would just add to my joy...I am thinking Nova Era or some Andre Reiu or some Bottacelli....when all of a sudden into the barnyard flies the summer hired help...a young chap of about 19, stereo blaring...thump, thump, thump and he pulls down by the barn, turns off the car and opens his trunk so he can REALLY hear it and begins to work on the log splitter....thump, thump, thump....ugly music and really loud.......thump, thump, thump....


About ten minutes of this and I am ready to go out and thump him when I stop myself....this is Ed's hired help....all I need to do is tick him off and he packs up and leaves Ed in a lurch....not good....


Thump, thump, thump, I try to ignore it but I think to myself, "Where DOES he find these kids for summer help???  I raised my kids and I have 108 more in my program that I deal with 40 hours a week...I don't need to be subjected to little five day peaceful vacation..thump, thump, thump....Eddddd!!!" 


Long story, short, I call Ed (in the field) and he calls Thumper (in the barnyard) and the "music" abruptly stops. 


Andre Reiu it is....peaceful and soft and my craft room gets organized and my photos are all mounted and ready to take to the fair and I am once again in a vacation mode...


It so could have gotten ugly.... 

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