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It's catching up to me.

The solid month of keeping Winn almost every day, overlapping first cutting of hay, is starting to wear me down. Moved from probably a 40- hour week of childcare in mid-April to 60-plus hours in early May. Then, of course, along came the store tenant and moving that mess up the road and resituating it.

Mike has maybe an hour of baling left here in Carolina this afternoon...flat tire stopped him from finishing yesterday. We are set to let him get that addressed this morning, then go to the corner and load his truck and trailer one last load. I still have a cabinet of old paint cans to empty, mostly to the garbage can. He's hauling to Virginia today, then we begin the last quadrant of the farm there tomorrow.

Have asked him to see if daughter can get her in-laws to swap days with me Wednesday-Thursday, or simply take Winn Wednesday, to free me up for raking. If so, we should be able to finish before the storms forecast Thursday. I have plumber and electrician on tap for that day, to satisfy my own safety inspection of the store. If they both give it their prifessional approval, the county occupancy permit should be a given. Hoping so...I don't need a remodel up there right now.

I am going to ask Mike to stay in Virginia long enough to make that pullover for the mail carrier, either Wednesday morning while the dew is burning off, or staying the extra day Thursday. No reason he can't do it tomorrow morning, then all I have to do is write the postmaster and say it's done.

BTW, why does someone leave their voiceline on fax when they're closed? When you give a person a phone number to call, having that noise in your ear is kind of harsh. You would think they would have a voicemail box, when they tell patrons to call a particular number in an official communication, wouldn't you?

I am basically living for the weekend....Winn's here Friday, and I have no obligations after that for two whole days...although, there is a srawberry patch going wild on my horizon. I am sure we are missing picking quite a few right now.

Realized as I rolled over this morning...I will be 61 next month. Really feeling this steady demand on these old bones. I remember my parents talking about how busy seasons would start catching up to you faster and faster as you got older.

It's been a long time ( let's say thirty least, I feel twice that old!) since I had such an uninterrupted demand on my body. Looking at this house, and knowing how long it's been since the other one got cleaned all over, too, I am thinking this is all catching up to me, and we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel just in time...

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