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dairy mom
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Just read

American Airlines grounded all flights because of problems with their computer reservation system.

Jeez  my computer has been acting kind of hinky all day long. 

Makes you wonder

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Re: Just read

Our Hughesmet was down from Friday until Monday, which made getting tax vouchers from the CPA, so we could file and post our IRA deposits on time, interesting. We defaulted to using the fax machine for the tax docs, and my DROID hotspot for the investment forms from our broker. That got them to the desktop and this to the printer.

Managed to get everything printed and posted on time, but never again will it be this late. I was about ready to do away with the fax a few months ago; but, fortunately held it in place. Nothing goes wrong, until you are ina big-enough hurry, right?

If this slowdown with such a major airline is traced to hackers,we may never be told the real truth. There is information out there which tells us virtually every system in our modern world is very vulnerable to such tinkering. How power is wheeled around the grid is one example that really concerns me, more than air traffic.

That story popped up on iPad as a push notification from several different sources, so at least that much of the Internet is workng well today. The scenario I wondermost about is if we get cut off from electronic communications, and are sitting in the would we know what's up?

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