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Kay and Winn in SF!

Nice write-up in Successful Farming about Kay's family's safety project. You can apply for a grant to improve safety on your farm as well! (And ADORABLE photo of Kay and that little cutie, Winn!) Click below:


Reenlist in Operation FarmSafe

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Re: Kay and Winn in SF!

The involvement in the program was a wonderful, totally positive experience for our family.  I would strongly encourage snyonevwith a farm to try the grant application, and look into the safety assessment, which can be done independent of the grants.  


As for that photo:When I look at it now, I hardly recognize Winn...he has grown so much since September, when the photographer visited us.  Helping us to keep him safe is such a godsend.  


Thank you, SF!!!  

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Re: Kay and Winn in SF!

Very cool! Great photo of the two buddies!

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