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Kay my little one

Shelby just had her fifth birthday. We are going to buy a new bike when we can get everyone involved that needs to be involved.


I think Shelby and Winn are about the same age. Two years ago, her best friend Mia got a brand new baby brother and shelby wanted a baby brother as well. she has been begging mom and daddy for a baby brother for two years. She even says she prays for one every night.


Well three weeks ago she got her wish. Brother Sawyer was born and my daughter attended the birth of the adopted son. She was there for the birthing and the adoptive mother is providing the pumped breast milk for my new grandson. I know it is more information than you need to know but i thought it was amazing that the birth mother would go to thru that effort.


Well the other day shelby was holdin baby sawyer while sitting on the couch. She is not allowed to hold him in a standing position. Anyway she was holding him while mom was doing some household work. Shelby of course loves her new brother and she said ," Mommie, Didn't I have a good idea? " As if she did the deciding! Kind of amusing


Well sawyer is a very lucky baby to have a birth mother than wanted him placed in the best of families and he already is being smothered in love from his whole extended family. Life is good and being grandpa is good. We are glad that Sawyer joined the family although he didn't do the deciding.