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You don't have to check this out right now, given your current weather. Came upon Bilderberg Conferences. Doesn't sound like the Zeitgiest (sp?) theories you have been mentioning in the recent past?

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Re: Kay: will give you the official website.  Amazon sells the movie for about seven bucks, and the second in the series as well ("Zeitgeist: The Addendum.")    

If you can download long video files, youtube has the entire movies, and here's the first one:

In some aspects, it's production quality is hokey, but the overall concept of a group if international bankers who profit from stimulation ot the  war machinery of the US is not at all limited to the producer of this film.  Frankly, you can see it in so many ways in our international policy. 

This Bilderberg Conference may include some of the same players, but the group that profits from our preoccupation with self-protection would not be  logically thought to join together in a publicly-exposed forum. 

Get through the first section, which may offend some Christians, but which they ought to see.  When you get to the chapter on 9/11, watch it very closely, and listen to the clues they've exposed. 

It stuns me. 

My next video is "The Secret of OZ, " which is also about the monetary system.  May have to break it out tonight if this storm band keeps tracking out of the SW enough to block our live signal.  At least we are finally getting some rain!!!

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