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Leftover & ramblings?

Other than running behind our little boy this morning, I am finding my mind wandering quite a lot.

The few leftovers I didn't send home with son last night will probably get gobbled up by daughter and a riding student who's staying over for lunch today. Winn had ham rolls from last night, along with the remaining grapes from the fruit and veggie plate, for breakfast this morning.

He has helped PaPa stoke the cookstove, supervised while he browned a pan of andouille/garlic/onions for the bean pot we started soaking yesterday afternoon. After a nice bubble bath, he got himself dressed ( beats me having to wrestle him into warm clothes), and they have gone outside to pick up pecans and just piddle around. It is thirtyish and sunny, so nice enough for a while outside.

The last serving pieces are back in the china closet, one pie is heading for the freezer for Christmas lunch, and daughter has offered to cover farm chores tomorrow, so we can head to Jenna's house to rest for the night.

This will be the first time we left the house on the new heat pump's minimum setting, to keep everything from freezing up, and so we walk into a 64 degree room, instead of a 50 degree one. It takes an hour or so for a fresh fire in the boiler to bring it up from this point, half a day from fifty.

I will often run to the store while the house is heating up, and it is warm by the time I get back. Today, I will likely throw on an afghan, crack open a good book I just started, and just wait for the warmth to wash over me. A FB friend posted a link to this book last week.

It is called "White Cargo," referring to the several hundred thousand Brits and Irish who were sent to the early American colonies as indentured servants, essentially as white slaves. My parents' ancestors arrived under this system in, I now am starting to have a better grasp of how harsh things were for them here. Had to be made of tough stuff.

Thanksgiving makes me think a good deal about how our country was founded, and the truly tenuous grip the English had here in those early decades. If not for the money made in tobacco, the colonies would have failed to have economic value.

We raised tobacco until we were about thirty...I guess this history is part of why it never felt " wrong" to me to do so, even though we knew it wasn't good for anyone who uses it. I look back on the crops we used to produce, that have no " place" in our local economy now...tobacco, peanuts, and hogs as independents. About all that is left here is cotton and cattle, and we don't want to deal with either one.

Pine trees were valuable for lumber for new, on,y to make wood pellets for the EU to generate green electricity, and for diaper fluff...the Chinese have started using disposables, so we won't be able to grow trees fast enough for those two endusers. Tree s are being felled all over our region at an alarming rate, not at all sustainable.
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