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Listing property?

Early February is time for us to list property in NC and VA.  


Did we add any structures?  Of course...but for the last time, as far as I can foresee.  


What percentage complete, and how much did they cost.  One hundred,and I don't want to think about it.


How about equipment?  


The VA county doesn't tax farm equipment, so no listing.  The NC one has an antiquated system, where we have to hand write the list EVERY STINKING YEAR, starting with newest first.  What a PITA!!!


Personal/farm/real property changes you made in the past, sell, junk.  I can hardly remember what day of the week it is right now...if we are in NC at sunrise, that narrows it down.  I know it is all in the computer, when I get motivated enough to sit down and summarize it.  


Do all of you have to do this type of updating for your tax department, so they can be sure you render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's?  




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