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Looks like the groundhog was right here... in NC anyway.  Sir Walter Wally did not see his shadow at the NC Natural History Museum's festival on February 2nd, thank goodness.  He actually has a  better record of accuracy in his predictions than the world-famous rodent in Pennsylvania.  After this winter, we were actually looking forward to what he had to say this year. 

Here we are not two weeks later with sixties ( maybe even seventy later in the week) in the forecast every day, and lows moving out of the thirties and into the forties by mid-week.  I toddled out to the car shed with my flashlight last night after supper, to find a piece of paper.  I was not uncomfortable in my tee shirt, thin knit yoga pants and slippers, even though it was dusky-dark and cooling off for the evening.   

This morning, the sunlight has a nice brightness to it, and Mike tells me I will not need to bundle up anymore in the foreseeable forecast.  The thought of only having to wear one layer under my sweatshirt is more tights and windshirts.  Clogs instead of boots...won't be long until flipflop weather! 

The maples started budding red last week, and the hayfields are starting to green up already.  I think I will wait a couple of days, and then look at the flower beds, to see how tall the daffodils are getting. 

Need to get busy with the leaf rake, too, and clear out the beds that filled up late last fall with leaves that blew up to the house and stayed the winter there...too busy then to do much yardwork.   Want to wash some windows soon, too. 

What's the first "spring" chore you are planning to do this year? 

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Re: Looks like the groundhog was right here...

Where did the whole Groundhog thing come about anyway?  If a person looks at the calendar it is roughly 6 weeks until the start of the spring equinox give or take 3 or 4 days.......that being said though our weather has been awesome the last few days also.  Lots of melting so hopefully the flood predictions for 2011 won't be quite as bad with this thawing and freezing at night. 

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Re: Looks like the groundhog was right here...

Somewhere this year, I read that the groudnhog tradition came fabout from European immigrants who were accustomed to watching for seasonal shift in the behavior of ground-burrowing animals of their homelands.  In America, the closest this could be approximated was with the groundhog. 

It seems it was mostly Germans who started this,  and they ended up in PA with Phil.  Wonder where the wooly worm watch in fall came from?  They must have had really wide stripes last year! 

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Re: Looks like the groundhog was right here...

Once everything is thawed out I'd better get the Christmas decorations put away!    Got quite a few that are frozen down. 

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Re: Looks like the groundhog was right here...

We just heard the forecast for the rest of the week, and they are now saying we "might" hit 80 on Friday.  I stepped out of my A&P class at two this afternoon, on the southwest side of a brick building with a big concrete walk, and it was positively toasty!  I just wanted to plop down and soak it in....

The guys showed up to work here today, and Mike started them re-doing the pool deck.  We are taking out the diving board, and will be replacing that with a solar reel and blanket at that end, so we can keep it warmer when the new liner goes in this spring.  I can hardly wait to see it restored out there. 

Lucky we got them this week, since he's gotten several calls today for bigger jobs with other, good ol' Mom and Dad go to the bottom of the list to wait for his next slack period.  Good problem to have in this economy. 

I want too get busy in the yard after CPA appointment Thursday.  Lots of plants I want to whack back now, before they get too far ahead of me. 

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