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Making more work for myself...

...with my suggestions this week. We have about five strands if the rope we're twisting coming tigether at once...ywo biosolids contractors, the repairs at the employee residence, the big hay feeders arriving today or tomorrow, etc.

Mike came in Sunday, having a problem about moving the ciws onto the next wuadrant...there's an old ti acco barn and shed that a hurricane damaged on that part of the farm. Definitely not worth repairing, but he says he doesn't think we can take the time to get the dozer here to tear it down properly, either.

He doesn't want a cow injured if they try to cool off in the shade of the sagging shed. The mules and horse haven't had any problems, but they are just yard ornaments and aggravations to him anyway.

Let's say that it made more sense to me to just stretch a temporary fence around it, until we have more breathing space in the schedule. I was worried he would try something with the tractor, that wouldn't end well.

He thought that wasa peachy solution. Quick fix, a bit above the duct tape level, but not much.

I hear the mower going back and forth out there now, making the path where he wants the fence to run through tall grass. I will be the second set of hands on the project this morning. Got to put on actusl worlclothes, because the fertilizer spreader is coming with the potash the biosolids company said we had to bslance, no PJ chores today!

During this really hot spell, I had gotten into the habit of wearing my sports cami top and cotton bottoms out for morning yardwork and the greenhouse construction. I don't mind sharing the chore at all, just really hate to gave to dress in shoets and shirt to do it!

Oh, well! Sounds like he's about done mowing that path now....

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