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Someone posted on FB this morning: 4/21: National Surprise Drug Test Day. If you know anything out of drug culture, you are supposed to know that 4/20 is a day set aside to be stoned. Never Googled it to find out why, just know that terms like "4/20 friendly" can mean a landlord isn't opposed to tenants smoking weed in a property, for instance.

Heard some interesting stats this week about the war on drugs. Between 7 and 8 percent of Americans re said to use marijuana. As much as we hear about meth, less than 1/2 of one percent use it. I know that still translates to well over a million meth users...but, it isn't as pervasive a problem as we have been led to believe.

Many states have legalized medical marijuana now, whatever that means. The definition appears to be very broad, from reports I have heard or read.

Some states have moved on to outright recreational use. I haven't studied the ins and outs of the issue, because I have no real personal interest in using drugs, beyond my glass of wine with dinner every so often, or a cold beer or hard cider after a hard afternoon's work.

We rarely talk about outright sociopolitical issues here, but this one is not on religion (unless someone here practices Rasta), so I hope it is a safe-enough topic. What do you think about the legalization of marijuana?

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Re: Marijuana???

Hubby jokes he'd love to have a medical marijuana script.  Haven't touched the stuff since we got pregnant with first child.  I tell him having the cows nothing has changed.  Need to have a clear head all the time.  Never know when an emergency will come up.

My brother used to get high probably on an almost daily basis.  My parents were so surprised to find it in his possession when we cleaned out his room.

For my opinion.  I think they should decriminalize it.  Too many people in jail that really shouldn't be there.  Treat it like alcohol. It really is just about the same.  Control it and tax it.  But just like alcohol there will always be those that abuse it and for whom it won't be enough so they'll move on to something more.

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Re: Marijuana???

I have favored decriminalization for decades. The medical designation has truly become laughable...prescribing it for stress...who needs THAT?!?! I say this, even living in a state that has still got dry counties every here and there, and living in one that still has brown-bagging instead of liquor by the drink.

Bad drunks can be pretty violent, but potheads usually not so much. We have pretty similar attituds, I guss. Makng it not a crime would put a damper on the private prison industry, though.

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Re: Marijuana???

The cost to house these "criminals" in Ohio is $ 26K  a year.  Ohio cannot afford it so we are going to see a bunch of felony 4 and 5s getting out early over the next few years.  The local jails are so full of misdemeanor drug offenders that felons are frequently ORBonded until trial.  Not good.  


Treatment is not cheap and its effectiveness is questionable.  Most people who go on to hard core stuff like meth, coke and heroine started with THC.  Todays pot is not the innocenr stuff of the sixties.


Im against legalizing it.  im also in favor of mandtory DTing to receive welfare benefits.  


its easy to think that its harmless but it is young children of addicts who are truly suffering.  You cannot imagine what these kids lives are like.   If THC contributes to progressive use of harder stuff than I think  should hold the line.  




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