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Mediterranean-style diets found to cut heart risks.

This is not new information, but it reinforces what we all know...I'm excited because I have drastically changed my eating habits and they are very close to the Med-style diet. I don't eat hardly any chicken, but do indulge in the rest, i.e. fruits, veggies, olive oil, almonds, and of course red wine.


The NutriBullet thingee is PERFECT for helping with this! I know we've discussed this a bit on this site, so please excuse my giddyness. ha.


A difficult part of eating this way is that the rest of the household has limited interest in doing so. I have made my mindset of "what would I eat if I were alone?" and this is what I would do. Anyone else have to "cater" to different tastes than their own? I think alot of women get stuck in the cooking routine dependent on what their husband's want...totally understandable, but I have kind of quit compromising myself for this. And the additional fruits falling out of the refrigerator are as easy for others in the house to grab as for me...benefiting all!