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Meeting MacGyver

The boiler man is here today, and the radiator baseboards are getting connected, with Mike's good help. I have been left to do landscaping details, and since it is sunny and 65 or so, figured it was the right time to do a tad bit of painting. The old storm door that closed in the basement is now bright, glossy red, and we will re- fit it with some nice extruded poly glazing we bought for greenhouse use. one porch rocker done, and two to go. First load of boulders placed, and Mike went to get more, while our own personal MacGyver took a break for a pack of nabs. Ths guy is so intriguing...knows how to do just about anything - reminding me of Nebrfarmer and his bag of tricks. While we were all getting started this morning, I shared the discussion Mike and I had on the way up here last night. We realized that when it's done, this central heating system will only require about 120 watts to operate. The house was built when there was no REA, and it had no power for about its first decade or so. it is on the grid, but not so far on that it costs much to operate each month...AC is another story, but we are planting shade trees as fast as we can where er we can, and the house doesn't gain or hold heatblike a tight modern one does, anyway. Anyway, I mentioned our minor need for backup power - besides this tiny draw for the wood boiler's circulation system, there is the refrigerator and the water pump. We figured that an inverter and deep cell battery, puls a relay, would do the trick. Mentioned this to Dale, and he had it figured out for us in about fifteen seconds. Suggested maybe adding a solar panel, or using the trickle charger we already have...just as simple as that. He ain't fast arriving, but he's worth the wait when he gets here. Just wondered if you have your own personal MacGyver, too?
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