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Missed music?

Talking with younger (35-45 yr.old) friends over dinner a couple of weeks ago, I realized that Mike and I had pretty much misssed out on a lot of popular culture while the kids were young.  Probably no big loss, but I am catching up on a couple of things right now, mostly music. 

Steven Tyler on "Idol" has brought back a lot of Aerosmith's music to mind.  Mike suggested that I order a CD of their greatest hits, to help me recognize them better, so I did. 

Have been holding onto it for the time when we got the pool speakers reconnected, after the deck replacement.  I like music playing in the yard while I am outside working.  Kind of keeps me moving faster, to the beat, I think!

Just got the Master Helper/His Highness to take five, to get that weatherproof set back working.  We have already had a talk about how "a few minutes here and there is better than an whole afternoon all at once." 

Honestly, when the tools and supplies are all set up for you, how bad can it be?  Yes, I could do it myself, but it really helps, when the job has an indoor and outdoor component, to have one in each place, instead of having to trek back and forth to make sure four speakers are all sending out sound.  (There is a new clothes dryer vent in his future before supper, too...but, let's make that our little secret for now, okay?) 

Anyone else like to work to music? Am really enjoying a lot of songs this afternoon that I'd heard on radio stations while hauling kids everywhere, but had not related to a specific artist.  Turns out I am an Aerosmith fan, and didn't know it.  Maybe I'd better check out Lady Gaga now, before I fall an entire century behind. 

Well, back to the great outdoors.  Spray painting all my little decorative pool stuff lime-y green today, plus restoring my garden wagon.  Fresh coat of red paint and set of flashy new wheels...super! 

Meanwhile, I'd like to know if you ever missed a musical artist on the first go-around, and then discovered them, even decades later? 

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