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Missing Microbes

Kept hearing bits and pieces of the same NPR interview yesterday, broadcast at different times. The author of this new book was explaining how the microbiome of the body works, and it was simply fascinating. Ordered it for Kindle, and just read the first couple of chapters.

This one seeks to explain which bacteria have gone missing and why, and what this means for mankind. Mostly, it seems to be a " too much of a good thing" theory so far, meaning antibiotic use. I am sure he will point to animal ag, but who diesn't?

Thought I woukd share the title with you guys, incase it is a subject of interest...allergies, chronic disrases, etc. might shed some light for us?
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Re: Missing Microbes

Interesting thought here.   We were at one of the Mrs' health meetings, and they talked about things like bloating, constipation, irritable stomach, etc, and many of those symptoms can be caused by either the wrong bugs in your gut, or not enough of the good ones.   A probiotic (a pill or food that has good bacteria in it) often can cure these problems.

A child with foul poop, and diaper rash can often be cured by giving them yogurt.   Worked wonders on our kids.

For adults, it is worth a try, and if yogurt helps, but you need more help, a probiotic may help more.  They should be available at any good health food store.   Of course, if you are eating all the right foods, this shouldn't be as necessary.   The more processed food you eat, the more likely you are killing off the good bugs in your gut, because of the preservatives.   Preservatives are often little more than something added to prevent bacteria from growing in the food, and making it go bad.

Also, we eat our own critters, as much as possible.  We don't raise hogs anymore, but any cow in our lot, is not fed antibiotics as a feed additive, only given for a couple days as a response when sickness appears.   The hamburger in our freezer is from an animal that has not seen a shot, or feed additive for at the very minimum the last six months of its life (and probably closer to a year).