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Missing the winter beauty

We left Jenna's house about four this afternoon, so I could make the 5:30 TKD class here in NC.  Grabbed a sandwich for supper afterwards, and after picking up the mail from the box, some packages from the office, and printing out next week's pig schedule, we have been holed up in the house, listening to steady, heavy rain.


Pulling up the Weatherbug screen, I can see that it's switched to snow in Va.  I am SO wishing we were there tonight, so we could wake up to that beautiful place, all covered with a blanket of snow.  


We'll be mucking through mud here all weekend.  Cannot be helped...we both have work to do here.  


Do you ever just wish you could twitch your nose like Samantha used to do, and be anywhere in a second?   I know where I would pop you?



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