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More lesson writing...

...this afternoon.  Rainy days are good for SOMETHING, at least. 


I spent a good while in the office yesterday, catching up on checks that had to be handwritten, deposits of rent checks, leases in VA and NC for farmland.  Each thing I did, I wrote a lesson plan for daughter to follow. 


This afternoon, after ferrying Mike's nice pickup truck to the body shop ($5300+ damage from a tire blowout!!!), I got back in the mood to write more lessons up. 


With old employee fired, new one hired, I needed to write down the instructions for calling the CPA for payroll calculations, adjusting the monthly withholdings worksheet for the two different net pay amounts, as well as printing out and getting them to complete a W-4, etc. 


I am trying to write down each management issue in the form of step-by-step lessons, as things arise.  So far, I have completely written 14, and have six more notes to write that many more.  Still need to do 1099 instructions, quarterly state payroll withholding, and some more things that crop up less regularly than the weekly/monthly stuff. 


Had sort of dropped this activity for a few weeks, once she got the payroll and online 943 down pat.   Needed to get back into the swing.  Nice days made me too trifling to do much in here. 


I also took Mike to the bank yesterday afternoon, and we did a cleanout and inventory of the safe deposit box.  Hard in a lot of ways, since that is a history lesson in our "official" lifetime together. 


Again, a chore that was long past due...I tend to just stuff in one more vehicle title or another deed, and we had reached the point that not another thing was going to fit, and still get it back into the vault wall. 


I wrote doiwn what we had left, and noted a couple of deeds I would like to have copies of in there, just to say we have them in our records.  mMde sure he knew where to find our birth certificates and marriage certificate, along with his proof of service on the railroad, which is where our retirement comes from, instead of Social Security.  We sweated blood and tears for 23 years for him to be vested in Railroad Retirement, so I wanted to be sure we still had that paperwork stored in the safe deposit box. 


We have added our daughter as a signing party to the business accounts, and I need to give her access to the safe deposit box, too.  New wills are here, and need to be signed.  I am about ready to say I have done the best I can do, to prepare for a transition. 


I know this stuff will need to be updated as some things change, but a year-long snapshot of how I get things done is a pretty fair way to start handing the reigns over to the next generation, I think.  It is taking a few hours about once a month to write the pertinent lessons for that time of the year, so not all that ponderous a chore. 


It is amazing how much this eases my mind.  Mike wouldn't know how to write a ccomputer heck...until a month ago, no one else around here did, either.  I feel better now. 


Who is your backup person? 



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Re: More lesson writing...

Sad to say, but no one here wants the job. I'm afraid if I'm gone the farm will just fall apart. Be thankful you have someone who you can trust and wants the responsibility if should something happen.

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Re: More lesson writing...

This is something I was just starting to think about in the abstract, before Jenna passed. She was the one of our three kids that I thought of first to pick up my duties, since she did all sorts of management tasks in her career, went with me a couple of times to meet the accountant, etc.

With her not there to fall back on, I had to factor in a different set of talents in this offspring, and I guess let the right teaching plan ferment for a while, so I could start designing and executing it. Making a point of being away a bit this past year was part of the plan, too.

It isn't an " if something happens" thing, it is a " when" one. I hope I am still capable and needed in my nineties. You just never know, and I was worrying about dropping all of this on a totally unprepared family. It just wasn't fair, in my mind.
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