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More monkeys off my back!

Daughter and I offered to run a couple of rims to the tire shop about eleven this morning, for the hired man's farm truck. mike had made a deal with the tire guy yesterday, and we decided to make the run, so he could keep working when her morning chores were done.

On the way, she remembered that the Explorer that we provide for her to drive back and forth to work also needing its state
inspection. We rolled up about a quarter to noon, and the guy did all three things while we had lunch and lots of iced tea in the diner across the street.

With his irrigation running in the field right beside the house, Mike decided that he was going to wrestle the big oak cabinet
out onto the front porch. By the time we got back, he was ready for me to help lift it onto my garden wagon, and roll it out onto the sidewalk, where we lifted and leveraged it into the pickup truck.

Loaded the wagon into the pickup bed with it, and rode it up to the store, to wait in the garage for its new spot. That led to cleaning out the built- in shop cabinet up there. When that was empty, we decided to unload our little utility trailer of the cans of paint,
linseed oil, and such, which we had cleaned out of the poorhouse this spring. This and all the spare arts for pool filters, the pool vacuum, etc., had been parked under a hay barn for months

We got everything put into its proper place, and Mike even helped me get the two little fountains running beside the poorhouse. One
needed the air compressor hose draggd to it, to blow trash put of its line. So now, the sound of trickling water is yet one more pleasant feature of porch life.

I guess we worked for about three hours, getting some stuff done around the pool, too. Most of this was chores that got started - but
not finished- a lllooonnnggggg time ago. Feels so good to knock so many things off the to- do list, all in one afternoon.

I have a feeling my helperwill go MIA for a few days after today, but I asked him if he wanted to keep going or not, and he was
game. He really had nothing better to do today than help me, so BINGO! I can " kill" a good number of cards from the chore bulletin board after today. It is always fun to tear one to bits when it is completed.
Five big monkeys off my back today...then we head for 100 and above for the next several days. Am set up now with jobs in the.
AC for a while.

Hope you folks are able to get things done in the brief breaks in the heat, too.
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