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Honored Advisor

More useless information...

...we are required to collect and pay for going out of the office today. 


Have been monitoring our lagoons for twenty years or more now, and the N is never outside certain parameters, year in and year out.  We have eight times the land we need for more pigs than we can ever squeeze into our buildings. 


Yet, we gather effluent into G2 bottles, fill out forms and write yet another check.  This has to be done several times every year.  The results fluctuate maybe a half-pound of N per 1000 gallons of water, at most. 


Can anyone extrapolate that to acre-inches for me this morning?  We split hairs to the thousandth of a pound per acre in our records...


...and our creek in VA is still closed, a solid month after they found 30 "pasture pigs" dunging into a swamp off of a tributary of it.  But, that is the county that wouldn't let us do it our way, by refusing to sign off on our state-issued waste permit, 22 years ago. 


We get the world we deserve....

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