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More vintage treasure hunting?!?

This week, I have been working on taking and framing a few photos.  The light and colors are just so vivid right now.


One set of seven collage-type small frames I did with pictures of the memorial garden at Jenna's house, which I plan to finish this week with a photo of her.  It will finish off one wall of the spare bedroom of our second home. 


Another one I adore is of Winn in a pickup bed full of bright chrysanthemums and pumpkins, tugging on his long-suffering pet cat's tail and showing a very impish grin.  I needed a frame for that and didn't want a sleek new-looking one. 


Decided to head to my friend's secondhand shop this morning right before lunchtime.  I had promised to take her mom a roll of gimp trim to finish off a chair, and thought I'd glance through her frames while I was there. Finally dreamed where the small shipping box the trim had arrived in had been stashed last night, and laid my hands right on it this morning. 


It is easy to spot custom framing jobs...tight corners, nice and often complex mats.  As I scanned her main wall of framed stuff, I found exactly the right one for Winn's cat abuse picture, plus two other sets of matched pairs of frames. 


One set held a pair of signed, numbered artist's prints in it, which are usually very pricey.  The colors were exactly right, and I liked the subject, so I grabbed them, too.  the other set was some very old-looking floral prints, which I will re-purpose.  I will likely paint the frames and use them for more family photos. 


In all, I think I got out for $47...not too bad.  The signed prints were over half of what I spent, and the mat on just one of them was worth more than the price of them both complete.  Teh one I got for Winn's shot is perfect as-is. 


I still need to pick up a couple of mats from the framing shop, but at least now, I won't be tempted to drop a week's grocery money on a custom framing job that would stick out like a sore thumb in that old house. 


Meanwhile, I have finally loicated a lost stained glass pattern.  Jenna had picked it out before she passed, and I plan to use it for one of the door lites there.  Had been looking for it for months, too.  Finally thought to seek it online, an it is right there, free for the printing...just needs enlarging at the UPS Store in town. 


I am lining my spare time ideas up, for while the kids have my little buddy on a Disney cruise later this fall.  Stocked up on bulbs for the new garden beds in Virginia. 


With those and the two glass panels, some framing jobs, and several small pieces of furniture to finish with paint, I expect I will be pretty well occupied for a few days.  Have to keep myself from being too lonesome! 


I know some of you have done some treasure hunting lately too.  I am thrilled with mine today...what good new old stuff have you girls found recently? 





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Re: More vintage treasure hunting?!?

Anyone looking for 'vintage' stuff, in the Nebraska area checks out the 'Junk Jaunt'.

Now it has grown to where you see all kinds of out-of-State viechles going through, and even the guys from "American Pickers' have checked it out.


Be sure to check out all the pictures, it will give you an idea of the area around here.   If you are lucky, you can find some real treasures.   I know a guy who bought an early 1960's pickup for $500.   They hooked up booster cables to it, and it started, ran, and they drove it home!  In the process of restoring it as we speak.

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