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Most important meal of the day?

Growing up, I never ate breakfast.  Never really got regular about it until a few years ago, when I realized that fasting until midday was not good for a diabetic.  I still do not feel hungry until mid-morning most days. 

Mike gets up and makes his egg and sausage patty every day.  His fresh Bass Brothers hot sausage is the one thing he will really ask me to make a trip to the store for, he loves it that much. 

I tend to want a bowl of oatmeal, often with a piece of fruit beside, or a granola/yogurt/fruit bowl.  If I have to eat on the run, I like an oatmeal-to-go bar or a protein shake.  Couple of espresso shots get the sleepy eyes open. 

Realize now how droopy I used to be before lunchtime.  Do you have to eat breakfast to get through the day?  What gets you going? 

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Lisa Prater
Senior Contributor

Re: Most important meal of the day?

I always make breakfast for the boys before school (except on rare occasions when I'm sick or we're running late, and I let them eat breakfast at school), so I usually eat with them, or just after they get on the bus. They love pancakes, eggs & toast, or egg & cheese on English muffins, maybe with sausage. They each usually eat a clementine or some blueberries in the morning, too. My oldest refuses to eat cereal (what's wrong with him?!?) and my middle won't eat toast, so sometimes I do toast & PB or cheese for Jake, and multrigrain Cheerios or raisin bran for Luke. Will is happy with either.


Jayson doesn't eat breakfast most days, then he's starving at lunch and eats too much, then some days he doesn't want dinner either. Not a good way to stay fueled up for the day.


Growing up, my favorite breakfast was my mom's pancakes ... she loaded them up with raisins, dates, pecans, coconut, and other good stuff. I spent the night with them the night before my wedding, and even though she was up until the wee hours putting the finishing touches on my dress, she got up early and made those pancakes for me! Moms are good.

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