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Mother's Day plans?

Wondered what each of you are planning for " our" day tomorrow. Anything special on tap?

Not a big deal here...son willcall, daughter wanted to know what I wanted when they were heading into town on Friday. I asked for a Lowe's gift card...Winn and I want a picnic table to set in his playyard, and they have wooden ones very reasonable in price.

He says HE is going to paint it for me. That's going to be a real treat.

Mike asked me if we could stay over a second night at Jenna's. No argument from me. We are hoping to start moving equipment from his garm to mine in the morning. Will be the first time I get to work it on my own, and at all since I was 19 years old.

Long wait...almost too long...41 years and countung. We will be dropping off a tedder we brought up from NC on the trailer yesterday, and he's driving the new tractor and cutter. I will be dibblng in some lespedeza, and he's got to chain and lock the gates. Haven't decided whether or not to drop one field on the ground,,,it's supposed to rain for a day or two.

I know it sounds dumb to be excited about cutting hay for Mother's Day. Truth is, once I see and hear from my kids and Winn, I cannot think of anything i would rather do.

Hope all have a good day.
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Re: Mother's Day plans?

wWell in my infinite wisdom, I decided to get carryout chicken and I would fix some simple sides and eat here.  I just cannot enjoy seeing grandkids get charged mucho bucks at a buffet when they eat so little.  And also worried that my mom would be too unstable to handle a buffet.  And I certainly diidn't need the temptation of a buffet.  And I enjoy being served rather than standing in line at the "hog trough". 


Anyway, other than the drizzly weather it turned out fine although my input was more than should have been considering it was Mothers Day.  But what the heck, cooking for your family to enjoy is part of being a mother, right?  Although, I would have appreciated the men in the family doing dishes but DS did fix those yummy (& fattening) mushrooms he picked.  Anyway, I should have taken pictures of mom & kids but we all had on our comfy clothes by then so I'll wait for her birthday in 2 weeks.  So did everyone have a great day?

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Re: Mother's Day plans?

I am in agreement with your thoughts. DH and I had a very nice day after eating out we drove though a couple of neighboring counties. One road was one I had never been on. Both roads were like being in another state with scenic hill and valleys yet close to home. We stopped where my DD's family lived in the late 1800s. Southern IN has many beautiful areas. I received gifts from both children.

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Re: Mother's Day plans?

My lespedeza stakes got set, as far as the batteries on my cordless driver held out.  I got 100 of them into the ground, mostly in a bad wash that I want to heal.  I made a mental note of where I stopped, and will go back at it, once the charger has done its job, and we get back there. 


Mike got that one field cut, just as the showers started blowing up.  We were hot and dirty, so stopped for a bite on the way back south.  It was fun. I am sure the rest of the patrons thought we were ragpickers, with our farm duds and workshoes.   


Kids had us over for steak and crablegs, which was delicious and out of our ordinary fare.   The gift card I mentioned was just right for Mike to pick up the picnic table for us in town today, when he did the banking and two oil changes. 


Winn's last preschool session this morning was just the kids singing for about ten minutes, and then eating a special snack.  Sweet, and I got it on the phone on video, so daughter could enjoy it when we got home. 


Winn and I stopped at the gym to let him do his "yoger" that he fell asleep on prematurely on Thursday.  I had asked my trainer to do this for me, since I try to keep promises to our littel fella. 


She was really taken with his attentiveness.  He was quite a cutie pie, stretching and doing poses, then he hammed it up with a few pushups.  ll I asked for was five minutes, but I think we stayed about ten.  That is enough of a workout at three. 


She complimented his "strong arms", so he had to flex his muscles for her to feel.  It was a hoot. He rolled up his tiny mat with the green turtles on it, and strutted out to the car like a real jock.   


Mike met us at Chick-fil-A for lunch, and took my car to change the oil, giving us the big truck to drive home.  Winn passed out in this seat, just as we turned the corner to the farm. 


Great surprise in a way this afternoon, while he was napping.  I had a call from a man who was standing up at my country store building.  It's a bit over a mile from the house. 


The guy is an OTR trucker, and wants to come back to the county to spend more time keeping an eye on his two teenaged sons, work parttime and start a small business..  He was looking for a nice building in a good location for a little used car dealership.  That is what it was when we came here. 


He really liked what we've done up there.  Made a couple of phone calls and checked him and a couple of legal questions out.  Given his background and roots here, I am pretty inclined to rent it to him.  Every little bit helps...this was like getting an unexpected windfall this afternoon. 


We have moved most of my tools and all of my glass crafting stuff to my studio house in VA.  I think the rest would fit in one horse trailer load...including the heavy potter's wheel. I am just not using the property the way I thought I would four years ago...before Winn came along and Jenna passed away. 


Might as well turn a profit on it, I suppose. I had said to Mike a week or so ago that I'd jump at the right tenant for it.  One more piece of the retirement funding puzzle.  I am trying to diversify that as much as we more rent check every month wouldn't hurt!


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