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Am still sort of straggling around with this bronchitis, and finishgin up taxes for CPA trip tomorrow.  Have a class at noon, and have reviewed the notes for a test on Monday...alway a great way tot start off a week! 

The weather has truly broken for now.  Mike started pumping the lagoons yesterday, since the grass is starting to green up and will be growing like gangbusters shortly. 

The boys will be finishing the pool deck this week, and hopefully the liner replacement willl follow soon thereafter.  Let the contract on that last fall.  (We're removing the diving board, and installing a solar cover and reel, to make sure it stays nice and warm this season.  That we get way more weeks to use it in the spring and fall.)

I think it's warm enough to start doing a bit of exterior painting soon, so the doors will finally get their coat of new color soon.  Friday looks like a good candidate. 

I am having a hard time getting motivated these days.  Hoping that as I feel better, my get-up-and-go will return.   The last few days have been difficult to get going.

What do you say to yourself when you need that little pep talk? 

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