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Honored Advisor

Muggy but a bit cooler... on the porch this morning. The huge storm that I drove through didn't make it all the way here, but we did get some nice showers last night. Mike said 3/4 of an inch...enough to matter.

It is still overcast and still, so sticky, just without the dust. I ran errands late yesterday, then got slowed on the road, driving in heavy rain, wind and standing water. Most of the way not over 35. LLLOOOONNNNGGGG trip, so I am stiff as a board this morning,

Mike had his chores and most of daughter 's yesterday, so he was beat and we slept in. She got the official word that grand baby on the way is a boy. Can use some of these hot days to finish that crewel Christmas stocking, now that I know which name goes on

Hope that all of you are getting a needed break if your weather has been bad lately, too. We will be back in triple digits before the weekend, but this spell is wonderful....
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