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Muscle aches?

Spring has sprung and I've rubbed my first set of blisters on with the pruners, even through gloves.  Getting back to martial arts training after a six weeks of illness didn't make me this stiff and sore!

Was joking with my planning director yesterday about that old gag that Tim Conway used to play out on the Carol Burnett show, where he was the oldest man in the world.  I feel like I've been walking that way for the past couple of days.  Even my heels hurt! 

This happens to everyone when they use a set of muscles that hasn't been tuned up for a while.  Used to get stiff when seasonal chores were done even as a young girl...I guess the seasons just seem to roll around faster now than then!   

Part of my aches may be from Friday night's TKD class, where I got to teach a friend how to throw me.  Maybe getting up from the mats a couple dozen times is taking its toll.  Than again, at least I can still get up....

I am moving pretty slowly this morning.  I know things will speed up as the day wears on, and as I get more active working outdoors, my muscles will get back into tone; but, man, I feel my age today!  

Last Sam's trip, I picked up a bucket of epsom salts...they are starting to call my name this morning.  The only therapy baths I've used this winter are the cold and sinus kind, with vapors to open up my breathing.  I do have a jar of muscle therapy bath salts in the bath cabinet, too.   

As you get to stirring around this spring, what will you be doing to deal with stiff and sore muscles?

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