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Music to my ears....

...out in the yard today.  Our forecast rain held off, so the helpers came to put on the metal shed roof this morning. 


Lots of banging and nails shooting into the framing, and cordless drills whirring...some of my favorite sounds.  Winn and I had a nice half-day of supervising, before he left about 1:30, for the rest of the day with his Mama. 


This is the section of roof that gives us a place to put every last car and truck under cover in a hailstorm, without having to rush them all to a hay barn and hope there is room, with all the bales and equipment in the way.  No more scorching seatcovers in summertime, and scraping off snow and ice in the wintertime.  This is the shed I've wanted all my life....


One extra sheet of tin on one side, and now there will be no more stoking the boiler with wood in the rain and snow for Mike, too.  His woodpile will be out fo the weather now, too.  This is the shed we have been kicking ourselves for not finishing years ago. 


It will be done well before dark.  I feel like doing a Happy Dance. 


I haven't asked the guys if they are planning on coming back tomorrow, or later on this week.  They have two more things to do here...replace the front office stoop and build the wall for the greenhouse hoop base up at the store.  Neither one is rocket science.  Three days work at most, between them...I guess a lto this week depend son the weather, which is supposed to be wet and messy.   


After that, they move on to Jenna's house, for the solar collector space, and replacing a couple of metal roofs on farm buildings.  Id' say four days max there, which will probably be spread out in two work weeks. 


We're still planting the memorial garden at the house, and have hopes to move the wood boiler to the house this week, too.  My plumber is due at the fourth house on Mike's farm this week...or I am going to put out an APB on him.   This will bring all five houses, the office, and the old store up to our definition of:"decent" 


Two prospective tenants showed up for the rentals ready on Mike's place yesterday, so we should see rental income by October 1st.   The grazing tenant dropped by and paid his rent yesterday,  too.  Nice to have positive cash flow for a change, with county tax bills showing up in the mailbox every day or two. 


Our contractor emailed to say the composter shed crew is due here on the 27th (Mike's birthday is that week, too), and the drum itself arrives to the dealer the week of October, we will be getting a rotary composter fro  our mortality management, to celebrate our 43rd year together.  Typical anniversary present for us. 


I am not even counting tha tone on myu project list, since it's all turnkey work.  I did the two-year leadup paperwork, and consider that my contribution to the addition to the farm. 


The building list is whttling down near its end.  I can count projects on the fingers of one hand now.  Weird feeling...what do you do, when you feel an era of your life is coming to an end?  This is almost like anticipating retirement for me. 


Anyone got good advice for shifting gears, without scraping them in the process? 





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Re: Music to my ears....

I have no advice on this one. We have been in our funky moods this summer due to the drought and brown grass and no crops or garden plus our long term house dog died.  This all meant our normal routines were gone. It's raining now and the grass and weeds are growing like they want to make up for lost time, especially the weeds.


With the grass green again and growing we are feeling like ourselves again and making plans for a trip for our anniversary.

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Re: Music to my ears....

I hope you get to take that trip for your anniversary.  This is where I think we really cut ourselves short...not taking time to just "be." 


Mike says that I have to justify everything we do as "accomplishing something."  His family as a rule far outlives mine, I think because they knew how to take a nap after lunch, instead of heading straight back into the tobacco field, when it's 101 degrees at high noon. 


There is not much else to call it but "driven."  This has been the biggest mistake fo my drive us all too hard.  That is drawing to an end.  This is the shifting of gears I was talking about...maybe it's like learning how to coast downhill on your bike, instead fo pedalling madly every moment. 


Your post reminds me tha "hope springs eternal."  This year has hit us like an F5 tornado...I think maybe we will look back on it, wonder how we survived, and know that we are stronger and smarter, for having lived through it. 



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