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Had to come out to the office to re-boot the wireless modem and router, after a brief power blink an hour or so ago.  I turned on the stereo out here while I worked, and am righ tnow enjoying Sherrl Crow's "Strong Enough."  I think I like her so much because her lyrics are so true and clear to hear, and I just like her rhythms and guitar instrumentals. 

Most of the music collection that Mike and I share is in the house, organized alphabetically, of course, so only what I really like ends up out here in the CD player.  Right now, that is this "best of" Crow album, Dolly Parton's "LIttle Sparrow," and the Madonna collection by GLEE.  All female artists or derivations...that last one bumped a Mary Chapin Carpenter favorite of mine.   

I think about what's in our respective CD players in my car/his truck, and the divide, although I like what he likes, but have a broader palate, is pretty clear.  He's an old Led Zeppelin boxed set, and I am their lead singer - Robert Plant - and Allison Kraus's recent Grammy winner, "Raising Sand."  In the other pickup that I drive more often, it's me in the CD, his presets on the radio. 

I have to say that I will be buying some Aerosmith CDs when I want to flesh out an amazon super saver order this spring, now that we are both enjoying Steven Tyler so much on "Idol."  I didn't realize how many beautiful love songs they had generated..some have absolutely breathtaking lyrics. 

Mike recorded one concert video this winter that is proving to be a really interesting repeat...KORN.  I enjoy their music, but you have to get past the totally vulgar lyrics to do so.  In the final analysis, I think I respond more to lyrics, Mike more to percussion and guitar instrumentals.  May be why I tend to enjoy some country - which to me has much more creative and clever lyricwriting than pop music in general does - and Mike does not. 

I like almost any kind of music if it's well-performed.  How about you?  Are you more into the tune or the words, and who are your favorites? 

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