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My stash... depleting daily now. Mike's moved several stored furniture treasures to the house next door to Jenna's.

I have dusted them up, painted or at least primed a few, and situated them in a nice " guest house" configuration. Did buy one funky old wooden sofa frame, for $50, and filled it with pillows and cushions, many from the stash.

The stash used to get raided whenever one of the kids went off to a college apartment, moved to a new house, etc. Now, it has been pretty much stable for a few years. I made a pretty big dent in it this past month. The truth is, my family never gets rid of anything, and it does add up

One more storage building to go through in Va...the old cinderblock " washhouse", where Mike's aunts did laundry in iron kettles over an open fire. The guys have asked if they can create a hangout there, and that's fine with me. It'll probably consume a few more bits of tables, chairs, a grate or some andirons for the to remember where we put those!

Do you keep a stash? Do you ever go back and make use of the things you save, or are they there for a life sentence? Did you ever find a treasure in someone else's stash?

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Re: My stash...

We are guilty of not discarding especially DH. I am sending a lot to college with DGS and hoping he will take more as he gets settled. We also have the booth in a mall but the sales have been disappointing so we will try another mall. Tractor show is coming up nearby and we hope to move some things there too. But it seems people are not spending or collecting.

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Re: My stash...

One of the main things I am splitting down now is my books.  Crafting things are going to the new space.  Grabbed canning books and recpies today for that spot.  Several of the ones on martial arts and stuff like that went there, too.


I took most of the gardening books to Jenna's a year or so ago, maybe longer.  History books for that area are in that house, too. . 


Probably sounds silly, but other than books, I do not consider my self a collector...even the books are really informational. I could dump tons of them, for Internet resources now, but it still isn't the same as sitting and flipping through gorgeous photos of roses in well-kept gardens, or a picture book of Tiffany stained glass works. 


Probably sounds bad to say I could furnish a couple of bedrooms and most of a great/dining room without buying anything new.  Then again, I was able to furnish most of a guest house without buying anything new!!!!! 


Did grab some decent curtain rods and one valance in Target yesterday, but I refuse to feel but so guilty about it.  Found fabric for perfect curtain toppers for the other three rooms in the STASH!!!!!


I am sticking to a pretty tight budget for this one.  Blew a few bucks on a good TV antenna, and new cushions for the sofa frame.  Other than that, it's been paint and the helper for the most part. 


Oh, and the bug man....let's not forget the bug man!


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Re: My stash...

I don't know if my stash is growing or depleting.     With 2 houses I sometimes don't know what I'm doing.     Today I think I'm going to haul a put together  computer desk out to  storage.    Want to turn one of my Bedrooms into  DGD's room when she is here.    Got an older computer that I haven't turned on in a year.   So I guess  it can be removed too.      I really need to learn how to let go of more  "stuff". 

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Re: My stash...

Letting go is so hard to do, though! It took me three weeks to finally tell the guys to trash the ratty storm door off the house next door....

There are reasons for that which are hard to explain. Some of it had to do with the crappy way the storm door and main door were framed together. My helper finally convinced me that he'd paint a pretty wooden screen door to put on the hinges there.

You will be so happy you have a room for your granddaughter to call her own. Winn saw " his" room in the guesthouse yesterday for the first time...TRAINS! He loves it. His Mommy and Daddy have a room right across the hallway, in sight of his bed. I had him, her, and one of her riding buddies here at Jenna's last night...the other house is due for the bug man tomorrow morning.

Honestly, the amount of stuff I have scrounged for doing this place is pretty astounding. I have boiled it down to that $50 wooden sofa and the new cushions for it, plus curtain rods. The mattresses were a given to have to buy. The rest is really re-used things from the stash. Still looking fir enough flayware for that kitchen...gimme a week!

On a side note, my yard has had no attention but mowing for nearly a month. I decided to walk the rose beds when I got back from Richmond thise afternoon. Great surprise to on,y have to snatch out maybe 5-6 clumps of grass. Winn helped me weed the newest bed yesterday afternoon.

Stepped around the north corner of the house, with a southerly breeze blowing. The scent of roses in the air was wonderful. As I glanced at the new garden, I saw one really ripe strawberry on the vines we planted last month. Never tasted a better one!

I have hung a small flag that says " Love" here on Jenna's porch, and one that says " Peace" on the porch next door. It is really starting to feel peaceful here at long last. They were in my stash, too!

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