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Re: National Honor Society..NHS

I don't remember much about having an honor system when I was in High School? . I was an average C student, except in Art Studies and I always made an" A".  Art  Teachers would give me a B sometimes just to get me motivated  and told me so.

When I went to college I became an honor student. My family only went to High School, most didn't graduate. When I told my Dad that I got on the Dean's list he folded his arms and with a stern look asked "OK, what did you do to get in trouble"?  lol!

No Dad! It's a Good Thing! Smiley Happy

In my humble opinion, it's very possible the great expectation of the parents is putting a great strain on their children. We win a few, we lose a few. Learning to lose is just as important as winning. 

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mike se il

Re: National Honor Society..NHS

My wife and I were both in NHS.  I won't ask her about it because I don't have time for the rant right now.  We were a small school.  Our graduating class had 33 members.  One of the girls didn't get in NHS because there were "rumors"  No fact, just rumors.  I am confident that is the most they were.  Others whose lifestyle involved more fact than fiction were welcomed with open arms.  They also had "better" families.


I think all the NHS members when I was in school are out of prison now.

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Veteran Contributor

Re: National Honor Society..NHS

I was inducted in the NHS when I was a sophmore must to the dismay of many of my classmates.  My grades weren't the greatest but I worked hard at them and I had a lot of community service due to my activities through 4-H and the Church youth group. 

We had two memebers that were busted for minor in possesion and were not discaplined because most of the memebers were partiers.  I voted to kick them out but there was only a small group of us that felt they should be kicked out or at least discaplined.  Just after that I was told that I was on probation because of my grades.  I informed the advisor that they could go ahead and kick me out since they weren't to concerned for what the membership required anyways and add to that I was already accepted at the college's of my choice.  I wasn't failing anything but I was struggling and getting help.  Needless to say the class that I was struggling with, that teacher told the advisor in no uncertain terms that he would not stand for me being kicked out.

On that note, I believe the parents are really overkilling this whole deal.  It's a great learning tool for all involved but alot of times small town mentality doesn't see that. 

Sundae, congratulations to your daughter for this achievement!

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