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Never hungry...

...anymore. This marks two weeks of gluten free eating. I am sure a couple of gluten containing items have slipped in, but I have largely lived without wheat for two weeks now.

It's amazing what wheat is used to formulate. Picked up a box of chipotle black bean burgers at Sam's yesterday, thinking they might be good for a change of taste. Way down the fine print, there it was: wheat gluten. Bummer!

I have made a couple of loaves of bread from machine mixes. Very dense and filling, compared to gluten-puffed loaves. The only problem I have had so far is that Mike likes it so much, it disappears pretty quickly.

Found some scrumptious bars called Kind...they are loaded with nuts and fruit. Some have chocolate, too, so really satisfy that sweet tooth.

The truth I have mostly realized is that I have stopped riding a hunger roller coaster. I eat at mealtimes, and have a bar or some hummus and GF crackers about three in the afternoon, and otherwise et small meals. Mostly out of habit. Just not hungry.

This was what the Wheat Belly writer said...the spike in blood glucose from eating even whole whet bread surpasses that from table sugar. That is what sets up the hunger that drives a person to grab something else every couple of hours, which is where the excess calories sneak in.

I have to say I didn't really expect to escape the munchies. I have dealt with a number of uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms...mostly the blues. i guess you can expect that, when a coping mechanism like emotional eating suddenly stops.

Haven't weighed for this week yet...a couple of pounds disappeared last week, but I am not focusing on the scales just yet. I just want to feel better. For the first time since we did the Atkins regimen many years ago, I am not really hungry anymore.

It feels great to get that monkey off my back. Made me wonder this morning, because I had forgotten what this feels like, until now:do you et to satisfy real hunger, or for other reasons?
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Re: Never hungry...

Well, some of us were born to be farmers that follow the oxen that treads the grain and some of us are gentically programmed to eat chunks of meat, the bloodier the better.  Sounds like you're more a Mongol than a Mesopotamian.

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Re: Never hungry...

Maybe, maybe I am a mongrel, since meat is almost off my diet now, too. Might be a bad thing for a hog farmer to admit, but we are getting very close to vegetarian these days...except for bacon, if course!

Once had the family doctor explain that some people get a rash and others just don't. I do get it, Mike just doesn't. When I asked our doctor why this was so, he said, " Moss grows on ok trees, but not on pines."

There is a lot to be said for how our genetic makeup plays out in our lives. Wish I had known about this gluten thing decades ago. Might have avoided a lot of damage and depression associated with just feeling cruddy so much of the time.
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