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New/different flavors?

Came ho,e to Mike's supper idea last night. We had taken pork tenderloins out to thaw, and he had found some apple-maple sauce in our stash. A little higher in carbs than our usual fare, but it was wonderful.

We do apples with pirk a lot, but maple was a new twist...I just think " pancale syrup". He had heated up leftover roasted roots for pur side, and it was a delicious meal. I had never riasted a root veggie, or even eaten a rutabaga, until about a year ago. Now, I am looking for some transplants to set out soon.

Using a LOT of coconut...oil, milk, butter, wraps, Tried fresh berries topped eith whipped coconut cream, luscious!

What's your latest new flavor, or old one used in a new way?

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