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New features, articles in Women in Ag

Hi, all!


I wanted to let you know that I just updated the Women in Ag section here at with some great new articles:


Women in Ag



  • You'll find a new column from market analyst Naomi Blohm, written exclusively for Women in Ag. She writes, "You can't calm the markets -- that's not within your control. But you can be a calm decision-maker when it comes to your farm marketing."
  • Dr. Jonovic's monthly column discusses keeping the farm in the family even when some heirs don't want to farm.
  • Learn why parents today are giving their adult children more support -- financial and emotional -- than parents 20 years ago.
  • Read the latest column from Cheryl Tevis -- a touching tribute to the family dog. (It made me cry!)
  • Learn how hostility, anger, anxiety, and depression may be sowing the seeds of poor physical health. 
  • Get the recipe for yummy and healthy salmon and asparagus wraps.



Take a look at our newest features, and talk about them here!



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