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No Bottle Babies

Our local paper has an article in the opinion page about the ban on baby formula in NYC per Mayor Bloomberg. Seems the formula will be locked away with the medications. 27 hospital in the city are joining this policy.


"If Bloomberg is successfully implements this program without backlash, picture the near future as Orwell' Big Brother's all-seeing, satellite eyes looks down upon a typical evening with a middle class family.

Their faces reflect a halo of blue pallor from the energy free lighting, the thermostat lockup keeps them swathed in blankets as they try to enjoy their allocated television time.

Mother is frail and shivering nursing the baby while older children are cranky and whiny as they munch on carrot sticks, the only snack allowed. Father has left to take his 65-year old parents to their mandated death counseling appointment." 


It is strange how things are evolving after women in the 60's worked so hard for equality with women's lib.

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