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No one has mentioned the Mayans...

...and the impending end of the world.  Someone posted behind a FB status I wrote last week about the 12/21/12 end of the Mayan calendar.  Sort of gave me a Y2K flashback.


Mike turned th Tv to a different show last week : Doomsday Preppers.  I think it was on Nat Geo on the satellite.  There were several episodes back to back.  I we've seen other shows on survivalists before, and some are very interesting.  This one has the added wrinkle of an expert scorecard of the featured family's strategy.  


When you see a. Father with four small children, who has nvestzed $300,000 in an underground shelter in the high Rockies, you have to wonder if he's set aside money for their college years, too.  Of course, when you think the world is coming to an end, education is not your top priority, I suppose.


The saddest thing about that episode was that when the experts assessed all that expense and planning, the shelter was deemed to be too far away for them to reach it in time.  The dad's solution now is to sell their current home and move closer to their shelter site.


Many of the families do " bug out" drills, which they time to the second.  One fazther even staged an invasion of their  compound, which required two grade school aged boys to face down armed invaders who were holding guns to their parents' and older sister's heads.  I thought it was terrifying for those kids...borderline abusive.


We bought and stocked storm shelters this year, but that is a predictable event, give our climate.  None of that was meant as a bomb shelter or bug out destination.  


Given that we are, by some predictions, two weeks away from the End of Days, I just wondered if any of you have had anyone express any concern over this ancient calendrical end point.  This would make a scary thing for some kids, I think.