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No sympathy expected...

Finally got home about midnight after missing connection at JFK. Discovered lots of lights left on by contractors. House keys not where they were to put them. Crawled through window to get in. Bathroom and kitchen nowhere near done but great progress. Plaster dust on everything. No running water, hence, no shower before bed. That stunk (no pun intended) especially after 40 hours of plane travel in the same clothes!

Ed up at 9 am to make fires in both wood stoves. I slept til after 1 pm. Went to Bob Evans for lunch as my kitchen is unusable. Vacuumed plaster dust off sofa (stupid that I forgot to cover) and chairs to sit down. No tv until tomorrow. Checked email and ready to sleep again. Only 4 pm but my brain is foggy.

Will get a bit of grocery when Ed to goes to pick up Sable. Will mostly have to have takeout this week until my kitchen is available.

Thirty degrees here..... At least it is sunny. But a sixty degree drop nevertheless. Flip flops to leather boots. Only gained 5 pounds.

I am glad to be home.... I guess.....
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