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Re: Not happy

Yes.  Try doing anything when you have no sense of balance or placement in space.  There are days it's a challenge to get on the toilet.  Doctors don't seem to have any answers.  From what I've read most people develop the problem after infections or even rough boat or plane rides.  Guess mine comes from the damage to my cerebellum after they removed the tumor.  Can't be fixed just coped with.  Eye and head exercises attempt to retrain the brain.

it is visual and auditory like sensory overload all the time.

plus the after affects to the left side of my body are kind of like post stroke.  Weakness and uncoordination that the doctors are not really addressing.

doesnt help me much that mu family more or less insist that I'm not trying.  Now visual problems are growing exponentially and I can keep almost nothing in focus.  

Haf eyes check post surgery and they said no change, but boy is there a change now.  But hubby says we have to deal with taxes first before he'll pay for another eye exam

frustrating frustrating