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Re: Not happy

I can only imagine, it must be terrible. Oddly enough my wife and I were just talking about this this morning because she had taken our much loved dog to the vet for a check-up because she (the dog) suffers from it. When it first started we thought that she'd had a stroke by the strange way she was behaving all of a sudden, but the vet said it was this and that it's not uncommon in older dogs. It can be caused by many things but mostly they just don't know what exactly, although we do fear that she too may have a tumor in her brain. She's a lot better than she was a few months ago and many days she's perfectly normal, but then all of a sudden she will be really out of it, dizzy and stumbling and looking around like she sees or hears things. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that she'll be able to live out a fairly normal life and we both try to keep her from overdoing on the days when she's feeling great and wants to play too much. I hope the therapy will help, dairy mom, and that you too will go into a bit of a remission from the symtoms so that you can function somewhat normally again. 


Btw, nice to see some of you ladies posting here again, I always used to find your discussions very interesting and informative.