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Oh My, What a Mess

We arrived home from our annual trek to PA late this afternoon.  We drove slightly more than 2000 miles in 6 days and interviewed over 20 farmers in about a dozen counties all over PA.  I was tired and so glad to be home.  We decided to empty the car and go to 5 PM Mass and go out for dinner afterward as the refrigerator is empty. 


Then DD and DSIL called and wanted to stop by for a visit after we went to Mass....she had been attacked by yellow jackets (30 stings) earlier this week...resulted in a trip to the ER.....I think she needed a bit of comforting for all she had been through.......ANYWAY (I digress)...


So we cancelled the dinner out and I assured Ed that I could find something to put on for our dinner when we got home....I made a salad and a dinner of spaghetti and meatballs....


About dinner time, DD called and said they had a change of plans and would see us tomorrow problem....we were watching the evening news and I served dinner plates to take in the living room to catch the news....


I should have gotten one of my nesting tables but was tired so I sank down into my pale gold chair-and-a-half with ottoman, plate in hand, when the unthinkable happened...the spaphetti took flight and landed in my lap and all over the messy spaghetti, bad, bad, bad...


I don't think I have ever spilled anything messy on my furniture in my entire life but this sure made up for it...what a mess...use your worst imagination and this would top it...!


My chair seat has a removable cover that is now in the washing machine....I used OxyClean spray on the parts of the chair without removable covers ....I am amazed at how the OxyClean worked to help me out of my mess....I will find out later how the seat cushion in the washer fared...


Why, oh why, could it not have happened to the ugly sofa instead of my beautiful chair? 

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