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Old dog, new tricks

Just completed my third clincal rotation Thursday and today. 

These two-day trials are sort of scary on the first day.  You don't know where anything is, haven't met your patient, and have had almost no sleep the night before, after spending from late lunchtime Wednesday until one or two in the morning planning, then get up by five to head out for the seven o'clock shift. 

 I come home Thursdays and sleep for an hour or so, then have supper and do my updated planning,  With a decent night's sleep Thursday night, the hour early on Friday morning isn't half bad.  It is amazing how much you retain from the first day. 

There is just so much to learn!  Terminology is the main thing, just getting into the lingo of the hospital.  Everything is computer-documented, and the barcode scanners and dot notator systems for the medications are truly cool. 

Of course, like anything else, you can pick up a bum scanner from the charger, and have to trudge all the way back to the nurses' station to trade it for a working one.  Figuring out where to find everything you will need to help a very sick person through a rough day can take some doing...and it you stand and stare long enough, and you still don't see it, someone else who knows will come into the supply rooms and help you.  . 

I can say from direct experience now that doctors do have the world's worst handwriting.  Horrible.  I think they do it on purpose...or you'd find one who'd accidentally write clearly once in a while. 

Friendships are being forged, and you start to learn who you can count on , and who you can't.  The vast majority you can. 

You meet a whole floor of nurses, managers, techs  and aides who really treat you nicely, and an occasional grump.  Everyone treats even us students like a part of their team.  I guess they know how hard it is to get even this far. 

So far, my patients have been very appreciative and I've learned so much from each one.  It is simply unbelievable how many things have to be done for and by each one in a day. 

My feet feel like they've been run over by a cement mixer.  Thursday evening, I was too tired to chew the grilled cheese sandwich Mike made for me...didn't even eat half of it. 

We need to clean out the shed closest to my office this weekend, since it's going to frost tonight for het first time.  I need to have a roof over the car, or get up even earlier every morning to clear the windshield.  I'd rather walk farther and sleep a few minutes longer. 

Worn out, but still loving it!

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