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I imagine that at least some of you have hereditary ties to Norway. It was heartbreaking to turn on the news last night, and see the death toll from their homegrown terrorist's rampage. The camp scenes took my mind right back to VA Tech, and the horrible carnage there a few years ago.

So far, all I have seen as to the motive for this bombing and shooting was some sort of online ranting that was lower- key than a lot
of what goes on at this site on other boards. Did someone miss crucial signs on this guy, too?

Makes me wonder this morning...I have known one guy who I would not have been surprised to learn had done something
gruesome, but probably individually to a female, not a whole crowd of people. Saw one or two students who gave off antisocial clues very young, and know one did rob and then burn down the local clinic and pharmacy as an adult.

I remember the book about Ted Bundy that Ann Rule wrote many years ago (" The Stranger Beside Me"). She had no inkling that
he was a serial killer. They sat for long hours in a suicide hotline crisis call center, and he never triggered that sort of concern in her.

Yet, John Douglass, who developed the of criminal profiling with others for the FBI, could find patterns in a person's behavior that
pointed to trouble. His unholy trinity of signs in a child are late bedwetting, setting fires, and cruelty to animals. I have seen kids that I knew did two out of three.

So, maybe it is a macabre subject, but it set me to wondering this morning: Do you know, or have you ever known, someone who worried you in this way? Did they ever act out?
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Re: Oslo?

I, too, was troubled by the events in Norway particulary since the Scandanavian countries seem so peaceful and non-controversial.  We are going to Holland and Belgium next April as I felt that area seemed safe compared to what is going on in other Western Eurpoean countries.  When I heard the news I thought, "Well, so much for peaceful and neutral."


As to the question of people who have given me concern.....None in my personal life...thank goodness.  However, since 2004 in the course of my job, I have had about a dozen who left me uncomfortable. 


Although most ex-offenders come out of prison with tatoos, there are a few that come out "embellished" with Nazi or Arian Brotherhood tatoos.  The Arian Brothers give me the creeps.  They lack basic respect for life and make no bones about it.  When we discover their affiliation, the light goes on regarding their attitudes and behaviors.  None of them have lasted through the program nor have any changed their anti social behavior.  I would guess that most of the Brothers end up back in prison.  Sadly, they feel like they belong to something there.  And I think that is the perfect place for them.



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Re: Oslo?

Belonging v not belonging seems to be the lure to gang members, and to cult followers like the Aryans. I consider them cult like, since they adhere to the tenets of Hitler and the Third Reich.

We dealt with the teenaged boy who stalked our daughter off and on for four years, making many trips to court for protection orders. I have since been taold by a corrections officer with business ties to that family that "if he ever gets caught with what he does on the
internet, they will put him under the jail". He has several young daughters, so I suspect the worst, but have no proof.

Mike just asked me over supper if I feel safe in our home. Funny, since we joked about this question when he had his physical a few
weeks ago. His next question was if I felt we should have a gun closer at hand, and if I felt I could use one if necessary.
I took that concealed weapons training course, and six years so far of self - defense training, to prepare me for the if/ when of a
stranger putting his hands on me to do harm.

We live very near a maximum securitaynprison, and have had escapees too for comfort. On top o f that, a case manager released a guy last week who still had county charges pending, The guy kidnapped and raped a woman who had stopped to rest on a drIve down. I-95. When he was caught, he had items from a home robbery.

We know the manager who messed up, and he's fallen on his sword and resigned, but publicly blames the administration of the
prison. I know he quit to save his pension, but too many people are seeing him as a scapegoat...maybe so, but the real victim is the traveler who got raped.

NC has a castle law now, so that right to protect ourselves extends to our home, and ita may soon extend to other places where we
choose to be. I knew people who lost family at VA Tech. The researchers at my home farm in VA were safe, but changed by the experience.
I have determined that I would tey to take lethal action, if necessary to protect us and our family. The weapons instructor told us not to pick up,a gun, unless we could use it.
I am sure your law enforcement friend, who gave you the twenty minute example of how long it takes for a response, has told you to
prepare yourself to do the same. Luckily, an older lady has a pretty low standard of what constitutes a threat to her life or her safety,
and can react accordingly. Castle laws advance that right to defend,
It is a shock when a peaceful place is disrupted so disastrously, but that's every home that is invaded, just on a smaller scale. We
had a sheriff's car at a neighboring home last night, which is why I think Mike asked the question tonight. More cruisersspeeding around the neighborhood this morning, chasing a man who had tried to run over three of the deputies. gun on a ditch on the back o f
the farm...all that jazz.
Makes you think....
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