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Our Annual St. Patrick's Day "green" dinner

What a wonderful day!  I am off work.  It is warm, springtime warm out. 


I picked up 4 yr old DGD Brynn at preschool and we went shopping for a our annual "green" dinner tonight.  

Brynn and I picked out grapes, kiwi, beans, broccoli, avacados. 


I am making spinach pasta and wrapping hot dogs in spinach tortillas.  And i made lime jello wigglers to go with green gummy worms!  We are having green milk and green juice with green shamrock shaped cookies for dessert! 


The little girls are so excited!  It is our fourth year doing started the year DSIL (their daddy) was badly injured in a shop accident and had his jaw wired shut for six weeks.  It was his birthday and St. Pat's Day and they were all stressed so I took the girls for the afternoon and we bought all green foods just being silly.  And it has turned into an annual thing that they just love. 


Well, I am off to my first photograhy class.....then back to finish the is good.

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Re: Our Annual St. Patrick's Day "green" dinner

What fun!  Never thought of that.  I'd love to get some corned beef & cabbage dinner.  I'm the only one who likes it here.  Thought of ordering a take out for myself but had a funeral yesterday & ran late.

The photography class sounds really great.  I'd love to take that.  I see so many photographic things but I'm not great with the camera.  really need to work on that.  And I'm really bad at getting the pics developed since I went digital.  They're on my computer! 

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