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Re: Outdoors all day!

Kay, How is the haying going? I was amazed to watch the neighbors yesterday bale hay. They began cutting it at 10:30 and it was all baled and put away before dark. It was lush and tall and should be excellent hay. It amazes me to see the new huge machinery getting the fields planted so efficiently.


We are very dry and watch for the rain that is forecast for the week-end. The garden and newly planted corn fields sure need it. Forecast for today is 86.

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Re: Outdoors all day!

Mike got about 12 acres of dry hay up yesterday in big rounds.  Rest of that field starting raking at eleven  this morning, maybe ten more acres.  Then, he started raking the rest.


Daughter did a hundred or so small squares for her local tack shop customer who trades out her horse grain for hay yesterday afternoon, too.  Got her baler tuned up and ready to rock and roll. 


Winn and I left on errands about nine, and got back about six. 


There are big rounds being put up high-moisture, so the wrapper and that tractor are also in the field. They are set in the field borders, until consumed this winter. 


The small tractor and loader with spear getting up dry big rounds.  loading onto the flatnbed farm truck adn the big road trailer.  Two balers going, and a trailer and truck picking up small squares.  A friend of daughter's was over to pick up a big round for her, it looks like Mad World out there right now. 


Typical first cutting with rain on the way.  



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